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InterVarsity's Following Christ 2008 conference focused on careers that matter

Eight Christian fellowships on the campus of Harvard University are affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, three chapters for undergraduate students and five chapters for graduate students. Those chapters sponsored a campus mission with Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright in mid-November in order to invite the broader campus to a dialogue on the issues of faith, hope and changing the world for the better.

InterVarsity's Following Christ 2008 conference in December is about serving God in your field. Consider, what would Jesus do if he worked at your job?

God is a great and giving God. Students at Drake University wanted to show that greatness to faculty members.

The human desire to flourish is as old as the biblical story of creation. The creation story in Genesis records that God instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. But the Fall changed everything.

Peter Bosscher lived the vision of InterVarsity: transforming students and faculty, renewing the campus, and developing world changers.


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