Greek Conference Renewal

Every year students involved in Greek InterVarsity invite their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters to Greek conferences, which are held in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Charlotte.

Andy Dalton, the director of Greek Ministry, reports that lives are being transformed by God’s presence at these conferences. “Though we know so much more happens that isn’t measurable, it is good to celebrate what we do know,” he said.
Greek conf
Greek InterVarsity is celebrating:

  • 152 students who made decisions for Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • 374 students who committed to being an ambassador for Christ in their chapter, on campus, and in the workplace
  • 161 students who committed to starting or leading ministry in their chapter
  • 193 students who committed to keep seeking and pursuing answers to their spiritual questions
    Greek conf
    During and after Greek Conference, many students testify to God’s transforming power in their lives.


One student testified: “I want to live my life boldly, unafraid of what people might think of me so I will graduate without regrets.”

Another said: “I now understand what having a relationship with God means. I now recognize it is not about following a bunch of rules. Having a relationship is more meaningful and more fulfilling.”
Greek conf
A third student testified: “I want to make my new definition of success ‘being faithful to God.’”

Video reports on Greek conference are available online:
Indianapolis – February 12-14, 2010
Charlotte – February 19-21, 2010