Greek Ministry

Every year students involved in Greek InterVarsity invite their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters to Greek conferences, which are held in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Charlotte.

Being in community made all of the difference for Michael, a student at Clemson University

A story of student transformation on the campus of Northwestern University

Students in the Greek system on campuses across America often fall into the stereotypes that we ascribe to typical college students: partying and sex are prevalent among fraternity and sorority students. But God has been transforming the Greek system from the inside out, using organizations like InterVarsity to reach students for himself.

As president of Alpha Xi sorority, Emily wanted more for her sisters than belonging to a social group

MIT students overcame many obstacles before reaching Greek Conference

Preparing for future ministry as a fraternity member at the University of Wisconsin

Adjusting to a new job in a new city and a new country, but still working with students

One thing holds true for Greeks – they love to be in community, and InterVarsity provides them a place to develop friendships and learn about Jesus.


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