Growing In Christ

InterVarsity’s weekend conferences help students to grow in fellowship with each other as well as grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Although there are many different conferences, all of them share the same goal of building God’s kingdom through worship, Bible study, prayer, and speakers.

Students from Colorado and Wyoming spent a weekend together to focus on the transformation God’s kingdom brings to our lives. Students were challenged by speaker, Doug Scott to get caught up in the big story of God in relation to their personal stories.

Doug shared that we all want something in life to “take our breath away.” We often settle for much less than the abundant life God freely offers us through Jesus. Through Scripture and movie clips, students learned how people forsake God by looking for fulfillment in relationships, money, power, achievements and appearance.

Students were reminded that living in God’s Kingdom is about yielding our lives to an awesome, powerful and gracious God, in relation to the rules, regulations, and expectations of society.

Students from Wisconsin and Michigan experienced an intense and transforming weekend at Cross Training. A student attending from UW- Platteville comments, “For a while I’ve been confused in my faith, and I am currently starting over—beginning at square one. I’m trying to find God’s purpose for me and what I believe.”

The conference helps students to form and maintain relationships with Jesus Christ through fellowship and Bible study.

This conference has something for everyone, including workshops for students seeking to know Christ, Evangelism Training, Bible studies, and how to keep faith strong after college. The support and concern students show for one another by studying together and learning from each other help them to grow in Christ.

This conference also offers students daily quiet time. This is an important part to helping students grow in Christ by allowing time to reflect on what they have been studying and how it applies to their daily lives as Christians. It also gives students the chance to talk with God to build their relationships with Him.

Students from New York and Vermont spent a weekend discovering how to integrate Scripture into their daily journeys with Christ. Students learn what discipleship looks like and discuss ways they can disciple their peers back on campus. A student attending the Great Adventure track felt God challenging her to not be as tolerant of things going on around campus. She feels challenged to be an ambassador for Christ and spread the Gospel on campus.

Although there are a variety of conferences for InterVarsity students, all the conferences share the same purpose and goal. The goal is to help students realize how the truth of God and Jesus Christ fit into their lives.