By Teresa Buschur

I’m a Princess because Jesus is my King


Like many students in this generation, Katie grew up in the Church but never really knew Jesus. As she learned to study the Bible on her own and became excited about leadership within InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, she realized that she didn’t believe the same things her friends in the Fellowship did.


Katie started asking questions, and wrestling with Jesus’ claims to be the only way to salvation. After Bible study one Tuesday night, Katie asked Sarah, her Small Group Leader, if they could talk. Sarah shared her own testimony about Jesus’ work in her life and encouraged Katie to continue to seek Jesus and ask God to increase her knowledge of Him. After their talk, Katie prayed and asked Jesus Christ into her life. Jesus became King of her life, and He made her feel like a princess.


During the Large Group Fellowship meeting on Thursday, the same biblical passage that was used during the Bible study on Tuesday was discussed. On Tuesday, Katie had wondered, where are these people getting this stuff? But as she listened to the Scripture verses again on Thursday night, something in her heart told her to believe the words, and she discovered the truth and light of God through Jesus Christ. “It was incredible because something inside of me couldn’t go on without giving my life to Jesus Christ and asking for His salvation. I felt constantly surrounded by love and peace. God pulled me into His arms and I knew that no matter what, He would always be there for me,” Katie said.


The next morning as Katie read the Bible, she felt a deep fellowship with God and better understood what she was reading. “It was the first time that I truly felt that Jesus Christ was sitting next to me as I was reading and watching over me. For the first time, I saw my friends in Christ not just as friends, but also as my brothers and sisters who would always be there for me. Now that I had accepted Christ, we were family through His blood, and I’m very excited to join the planning team of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Trinity next fall,” she said. Today Katie continues to seek and know Jesus.