InterVarsity Alumni - Betty Moeller Wright

The students at the University of Montana didn’t see a lot of their InterVarsity staff, at least when Betty Wright was there working on her Pharmacy degree. With two huge western states to cover, the Regional Director relied heavily on student leaders to keep the campus fellowship on track.

In the days of the Vietnam War, there were many opportunities for dialogue on their roles as students, citizens and Christians. Betty remembers intense Friday night discussions, “trying to find out how Christianity and the world meshed.” A phrase from those days still sticks in her mind, you are either a mission field or a missionary. “If you are a believer, it is Christ’s directions you follow,” she says. “Everyone is called, you don’t sit on the sidelines.”

Attending the Urbana student missions conference, she vowed not to sit on the sidelines, but to be sensitive to the Savior’s leading in her career, family and church activities.

For most of the last two and a half decades, she and her husband Darrell have been active in Milwaukee’s Elmbrook church, teaching Sunday School classes and leading small groups. But in 1989 they moved their family to Ecuador to teach science and math classes for three semesters at the Alliance Academy in Quito.

Today Betty Wright is the Pharmacy Manager at a Jewel Osco Drugstore in suburban Milwaukee. She also works as a clinical instructor with the University of Wisconsin, mentoring the next generation of pharmacists.