By Rick Mattson, Regional Director

InterVarsity Alumni - Former staff Dig-in

Current, former and volunteer InterVarsity staff number 5,728, according to InterVarsity’s Human Resources Department. Former staff, 70-percent of whom are InterVarsity alumni, continue to play an important role in the life of InterVarsity through their financial, prayer and volunteer support.

In March, the North Central region (Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota) hosted our second annual Bible Dig-In specifically for former InterVarsity staff. Former staff from the region gathered for a day and a half of manuscript Bible study, fellowship, and fun.

Former Area Director Lynn Oliver led the Bible study sessions; former staff Bob Miller did magic tricks; and Lynn Oliver, Bob Coughlin, and I played a few bluegrass tunes on our guitars. We had a fabulous time!

We included a brief 5-10 minute campus update at our Dig-In. We wanted to extend love and respect to those who have gone before us, encourage them as they have moved on to other jobs and places in life, and let them know how much we appreciate the work they have done.

Former staff, especially those who were chapter members as students, are in many ways our biggest allies and supporters. They forged the way for present-day ministry and understand both the joys and disappointments that we staff still face.