InterVarsity in the News

In 2007 InterVarsity staff, students, faculty, and alumni engaged their communities with the Gospel. Occasionally their activities got the attention of local media, or even national news media.

The entire nation was shocked on April 16 by a shooting at Virginia Tech. InterVarsity staff were among the many counselors who helped students process the conflicting emotions prompted by this tragedy, not only at Virginia Tech but at many other campuses, such as Ohio State and Baruch College.

As followers of Jesus Christ, InterVarsity students are working to bring hope to the hopeless. They have teamed up with World Vision to increase AIDS awareness on many campuses, including UC-Santa Barbara, UC-Irvine, the University of Washington and the University of New Mexico.

InterVarsity students efforts to bring hope and change were also noticed at Northwestern University, St. Michael’s College, Emory University, Boston University, and the University at Buffalo.

A North Carolina State University InterVarsity alumnus was profiled in a Washington Post Magazine cover story on his unique approach to working with troubled teens. InterVarsity’s work on campus was referenced in a Charisma magazine cover story entitled “God on Campus.” InterVarsity’s Urban Projects director Randy White was profiled in his hometown newspaper, the Fresno Bee.

Some InterVarsity chapters interacted with high profile personalities: former president Jimmy Carter spoke at Emory University and the Million Dollar Man spoke at Baruch College in New York City.

Several young InterVarsity leaders had accumulated memorable accomplishments when their lives ended tragically short in 2007. ESPN profiled North Carolina chapter leader (and school mascot) Jason Ray. George Washington University student Phillip Grosser was also remembered for his unique presence on campus. Some other campus notables prominently mentioned InterVarsity when they were profiled by newspapers at William Penn and Hillsdale College.

A number of media reported on the changing faces of campus Christian fellowships. Reports mentioning InterVarsity’s multiethnicity were featured in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Church Executive, and the San Francisco Chronicle. InterVarsity’s ministry to international college students was also highlighted at Kansas University and Washington University.

InterVarsity’s ministry among fraternity and sorority students continues to grow and garner attention. Articles focused on the unique character of Greek ministry at Purdue and Illinois, as well as a new outreach on the campus at Clemson.

Many of these ministry outreaches were bold and dramatic. But some were simple and basic, such as the 24/7 Prayer Movement at the University of Arizona.

As 2008 begins, InterVarsity anticipates an even more vibrant year of campus ministry as students and faculty use the power of the gospel to transform lives on campus and take the hope of the gospel to a troubled world.

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