A seven month around-the-world tour is not a bad start for a first job after graduation. The tour is a daily adventure, according to Doug Arms, who was an InterVarsity student leader at James Madison University (JMU).

On the evening of December 30th, as he delivered the call to commitment at Urbana 09, Urbana director Jim Tebbe announced a commitment of his own. Next June he will be leaving InterVarsity to return to a part of the world where he was born, grew up, and worked earlier in his life. Consequently, InterVarsity is looking for a new vice president for missions and Urbana director.

Michael Oh faced two huge obstacles on his road to becoming a missionary and a seminary president in Nagoya, Japan.

Among those praying for the earthquake victims in Haiti and closely watching for news about the survivors of the devastation are InterVarsity staff and students who have traveled to Haiti on recent Global Project trips and are planning return trips in 2010.

Despite the frequent enticements in our society to pursue personal comfort and pleasure, InterVarsity alumni are among the vanguard of young adults choosing to sacrificially serve people in need.

Just back from Mission Korea, InterVarsity's Urbana director Jim Tebbe reflects on a question he was asked while in Korea: "How is missionary work different today than when your father was a missionary?"

Student doctors and pharmacists get a taste of service opportunities in their chosen career

In 1896, one hundred and ten years ago, C.T. Studd, a missionary to China, spoke to students at Bucknell University. He encouraged them to serve as missionaries wherever God might call them. Since then, generations of Bucknell alumni have continued their passionate witness of the gospel.


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