Preparing for the Future

“InterVarsity’s Bible study of Mark’s gospel changed my life,” said Jen, an InterVarsity student at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

“When I entered college, I’d almost no understanding of Jesus. My life goal was to be a wealthy mechanical engineer. But among my new friends at school were a few involved with InterVarsity.

They continually invited me to their Bible studies, but I continually made excuses about why I couldn’t attend. The Bible intrigued me, though; so I gave the study a try. Soon I felt drawn to learn about Jesus.”

“Through InterVarsity’s Bible study, I learned that Jesus died for my sins and that He invites me daily to follow Him. One evening, I asked Jesus to be my Savior and Lord. And over the following weeks I could feel my heart and mind changing. I was developing a new vision for my life, one of serving people in the name of Jesus.

“During my junior year, I decided to facilitate a Bible study and help others come to know Christ. Then at the end of that academic year, I changed my major to sociology, to better prepare myself for serving people in need. This past summer, I spent six weeks in north Philadelphia, living and working among the urban poor. And this fall I’ll be mentoring other InterVarsity students.”

Today, Jen and eighteen million other students have returned to American college campuses to prepare for their futures. Many of these students will become leaders in government, commerce, and the arts. Too many of them do not know the love of God that comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

InterVarsity is on campus to see students and faculty transformed, campuses spiritually renewed, and world changers developed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
InterVarsity helps non-Christian students learn about Jesus Christ and the gospel through a variety of activities, such as small group Bible studies, conferences, and mission projects to people in need. New students appreciate the welcoming atmosphere of InterVarsity’s campus chapters and enjoy belonging to a Christian community that demonstrates a hopeful perspective about life.

It takes hope to prepare for the future. And hope is a high value among InterVarsity students. While many young people are drifting into cynicism about this world’s future, InterVarsity students are demonstrating their faith in God and hope for humanity by calling other students to love people of every ethnicity and preserve the health of God’s creation.

InterVarsity’s primary purpose is to help students know Jesus Christ and grow in discipleship to him. Each InterVarsity chapter on campus provides students with various ways to hear, learn, and practice the principles of the gospel. Through the biblical gospel, InterVarsity students are bringing hope to campuses across this country.




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