Pursuing Our Calling in Tough Economic Times

One InterVarsity donor recently said to us, “The Kingdom of God does not stop because of a bad economy.” Amen. We are thankful for all those who continue to partner with us to bring students and faculty the gospel of Jesus Christ. In good economic times and bad, InterVarsity depends on our faithful donors, who enable us to accomplish our mission of seeing students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.

Building for the future
The current economic climate makes it even more important to share the hope of the gospel and teach a biblical lifestyle. We have set a goal of planting 100 new chapters on campuses over a five-year period to reach hundreds of additional students each year. In the past three years, 42 new chapters have been planted, and we continue to move ahead.

Seeing the exciting work of God
All across this nation our campus ministry is having exciting results:

At Mesa Community College in San Diego, an InterVarsity staff worker invited the college president to visit an AIDS awareness exhibit we had co-sponsored with World Vision. Later the president said, “InterVarsity impacted our college and moved it to acquire a heart. InterVarsity’s Impact One tent touched the campus and it touched me. We are not the same.”

At Harvard University, InterVarsity has eight chapters working with various groups of graduate and undergraduate students. Last month they worked together to sponsor a lecture series on campus with Anglican Bishop N.T. Wright. During a Thanksgiving Getaway, a student from China who attended the lectures decided to become a follower of Jesus. And on-campus theological discussion groups have been formed to continue the dialogue about hope that started with the lectures.

Sharing the joy
As we pursue our vision of renewal among students and faculty, we recognize the need to carefully use resources. We are reviewing budgets and exploring ways to work more efficiently as we plan new events like Urbana 09, but we are not detracted from the joy of our calling.

We are responsible to alumni, friends, and other donors who stand behind us and want to share the joy we experience in seeing God at work. Please take a few minutes to read more about how InterVarsity is working to change lives on campus.

We maintain the highest ethical standards when it comes to using donations. InterVarsity is a founding member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability and has Charity Navigator’s highest four star rating. You can also find out more about our finances on our website.

We are confident of our calling and look forward with hope to years of growth in reaching greater numbers of students and faculty for Christ on American campuses.