Is There Time For God?

Students find some creative ways to find time for God and release the stress of their busy schedules simultaneously. Shannon, a fellow student, led students at Kansas University in roasting pizza on sticks over a bonfire during a weekend retreat. Christian community on campus and how our spiritual growth is a community effort were the topics of the evening.

Christian community on campus is important because common beliefs make it easier to get to know people. Christian community also allows students to feel accepted and that they belong to the group. Knowing people with the same beliefs also helps students reach out to those who have different beliefs and get to know them. Spiritual growth is a community effort because students need to know there are people to encourage and support them as they grow in their faith.

Students were encouraged to make time in their daily lives for Bible study. We all need to encourage and help build community with others no matter how busy we are. Shannon heard this message and decided to make it a reality in her life. Shannon’s Bible study has shown her the value of working together with fellow Christians to serve Christ as a community.

As Shannon works to help prepare a Christmas celebration for community children, the funding falls short and the team worries about having to cancel some activities. Shannon’s Bible study members volunteer to make 600 cookies for the Christmas celebration. Sabrina, InterVarsity staff at the University of Kansas, volunteered to be Shannon’s personal assistant throughout the event. As a new member in the Bible study, Shannon was amazed by the interest her friends at InterVarsity have shown in her life within the community.