At the beginning of September a portion of the InterVarsity Chapter at the University of Wisconsin — Madison moved back into a dorm on campus, Witte Hall. But, as with any new venture, they have had to continue evaluating their success in accomplishing their vision. So far, the chapter has enjoyed a satisfying first semester.

InterVarsity chapters around the country prepare themselves every fall for the new influx of students, ready to gather them into their communities. Just like the changing of the seasons, incoming freshman bring new things for us to enjoy about them. Like the colorful leaves of fall, they are vibrant — they are ready for adventure and open to new experiences.

At most colleges students move out of the dorms after their freshman year and never look back. Granted, the experience of living in a dorm can be a blast, but in general it's not hard to say goodbye; no more unknown roommate, no more boring meal plans, no more cramped quarters. But moving back into the dorms is exactly what a group of students from University of Wisconsin—Madison's InterVarsity chapter is doing.

None of us understand the nearness of death until it is upon us

Takako's first glimpse of Jesus came through her hallway friendship with Dee, an InterVarsity international student from a closed country in Central Asia.


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