Manuscript formats of Scripture are available for purchase through the InterVarsity Store. They are a special order so are not available at the online store.

All books of the Bible are available in manuscript format in three translations, NIV, RSV, and NRSV. Manuscripts are 10 cents per page. To order, please call the InterVarsity Store toll-free at 1-866-265-4823 or email questions to

Please note: We have permission from the publishers to print the number of copies you need and mail them to you. We do not have permission to send the manuscripts electronically or grant you permission to make copies.

InterVarsity Staff and Student Leaders may download manuscripts on the Collegiate Ministries website. You must be logged in to access this content. 

Only need a chapter at a time?  Check out and select your bible chapter, then select the Page Options icon.  Unchecking all options will setup your scripture chapter as a manuscript, that you can print on your own.