Andy Wong works with InterVarsity students and staff at the 4th largest U.S. University.

By Lisa Rieck

I’m trying to pray audacious prayers.

InterVarsity's Journal of Christian Nursing wins four awards from ASHPE.

By Drew Larson

There is a world of difference between knowing that we should do something and actually doing it, isn’t there?

Jeff Crosby has been appointed to succeed Bob Fryling as publisher and vice president.

Julie Longacre oversees InterVarsity's work on seven East Ohio campuses.

By Jonathan Rice

While learning what people believe about religion may help us gain empathy for their various beliefs, we can learn the truth about angels only by studying what is said of them in the Bible. So what does the Bible say about angels?

By Drew Larson

Hopefully not too many of you were fooled by this April Fool’s Day post. We’re leaving it up for your enjoyment, because we’re helpful like that. 

By Julia Powers

What if eternal life is less about the continuation of time forever and more about the removal of the limitations of time forever? Less about the “ten thousand years” and more about the divine irrelevance of years?

By Lisa Rieck

Over the next few days, many of us will look more closely at the cross than we normally do. But we will likely not linger there long enough.