Herbert, a student at the University of Texas-San Antonio, decides he wants to cross the bridge and accept Christ.

One of the Women’s Bible study groups at the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign found a way to identify their answered prayers.

And you shall be my witnesses among the undergraduates, the graduate students and the faculty and to all the university. A significant ministry of InterVarsity involves graduate students and faculty.

What do a hard hat, a chef’s cap, and a pink tiara have in common? They are all hats worn by InterVarsity staff members.

When you think of Spring Break from college, you might well think of days lying in the sun and nights partying. Some InterVarsity students did something different. They spent their time helping others.

Students hear about the greatness of God at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and a Rutgers student organization known as the Rutgers InterVarsity Multi-Ethnic Christian Fellowship, are pleased to announce that they have amicably resolved any and all issues regarding the status and ...

Mary, a junior majoring in Church Music at Furman University-Greenville, SC tells her InterVarsity friends how she overcame a spiritually dry time in her relationship with God.

Hoping to reach out to non-Christians and encourage them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, InterVarsity students at the University of California-Berkeley started an activist panel to discuss students’ beliefs.

Ben shares how Jesus called him to be a disciple during Discipleship Group, training meetings for freshmen and sophomore students.