By Julia Powers

A therapist once pointedly suggested that I was experiencing shame. I promptly suggested she was wrong.

By Lisa Rieck

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was, without a doubt, a great leader.

But he was a great follower first.

InterVarsity staff are meeting to renew their calling and reaffirm their campus mission.

By Lisa Rieck

Right now the Internet is full of predictions, invitations to new year’s resolutions, and promises about what 2017 could be with the right [insert latest product/diet/happy thought here].

By Patty Kirk

If I, a woman, were to write the gospel of the entry of God into the world as one of us, I’m pretty sure I would not start with his human genealogy, as Matthew does. 

By Katie Ziegler

Advent is a season of anticipation. Anticipation for a Savior to bring light into a dark world. But it has a melancholy tenor to it. It’s the time before the joyous celebration of Jesus’ birth that we remember at Christmas. A time of uncertainty.

Four executive vice presidents are named to prepare InterVarsity for more growth.

By Jonathan Rice

The Nicene Council decided that the triune Godhead is fully present in Jesus, in whom the reality of God’s love for humanity is demonstrated. Furthermore, and most importantly for our understanding of missional Christianity, the incarnation implies our participation in this fallen world’s healing.

InterVarsity students responded with compassion after a campus tragedy.

More than one million college students from abroad are now studying on U.S. campuses.