Get Up & Move

Dance Break

It's exactly what it says it is: share your audio, put on a song and take a dance break together. Bonus points if you record the song and send to InterVarsity Instagram!

Stretch Break

This 15-minute Office Break with Yoga with Adriene is a perfect way to keep moving and limber up. There's a dog in the video too, so that's awesome.

House Scavenger Hunt

Everyone tries to solve the riddle and find the answer referenced in the riddle and come back to the Zoom room. First person back wins! (You may want to have everyone set a timer on their phone to come back if they don't find everything). Grab this list and share just the riddles.

  • The more I dry, the wetter I become. (Towel)
  • I'm bigger than a flea. I'm bigger than a bee. You can unlock a door with me. (Key)
  • I smash scissors and paper covers me.(Rock)
  • Find me on the ground with my head up and you'll have good luck.(Penny)
  • If you step out of the bathroom and people laugh at you, you probably have this stuck to your shoe.(Toilet Paper)
  • Find something black and white and read all over.(Newspaper)
  • If adventure is what you want, take a look, I'm a _____.(Book)
  • I blow in the wind and drop in the fall.(Leaf)
  • If you skin your knee and feel bad, stick me on and you'll be glad.(Bandage)
  • Fill me up all the way, but be sure to take me out or I'll stink all day.(Trash Bag)
  • Cows swallow this blade, but it's not sharp or metal.(Grass)
  • On your left and right, but hopefully not too tight.(Shoes)
  • I make marks wherever I go and shrink as your ideas grow.(Pencil)
  • I'm by the sink and should be on your hands, so this virus swill be wiped out throughout the lands.(Soap)

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