Podcast Episode [2a]

"I need to do something special for my seniors."

In this episode, Andy chats with Associate Professor of Chemistry at Rollins College, Dr. Ellane Park, PhD. Ellane tells a powerful story of how the campus community came together to host a mini-graduation for seniors after the news of in-person classes being cancelled and being moved to online learning for the rest of semester. She shares about the grief and loss students, especially seniors, are feeling and why symbolism is so important in understanding the significance of life's events, whether it is the bread and wine for Holy Communion, or in the case of the graduation ceremony, the robe, cap, and gown. She also gives an encouragement to seniors who may be feeling uncertain about the future. Whether you're a student, faculty, or just someone who loves the college campus, we hope Dr. Park's story can inspire you to also support the graduating seniors in your life. And through it all to listen to the still, small voice that might be nudging you to creative love others in this tumultuous season.

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