Theme Hangouts!

Combine Virtual Backgrounds, Costumes, and Theme Days for Fun

Virtual Backgrounds

Setup a Virtual Background and share things like - favorite place you've been in the country, a picture of your favorite place on campus, a famous living room you'd rather be in, there are all sorts of ways to have some fun instead of looking at each other's closets. Find some great ones here!


Designate a theme and have people come dressed as a character from that theme, and share why you chose that. It's even better if you scrap things together you have on hand. Some ideas:

  • Favorite character
  • Superhero
  • Person in a famous work of art
  • Favorite Halloween costume as a kid

Share Meaningful Stories

Designate a theme and have people bring something according to that theme that is meaningful. Don't forget, when going "around the room", it's easiest for the person who just went to call on the next person.

Some ideas:

  • Favorite mug
  • Favorite picture
  • Bring your pet or plant to the camera
  • Object you'd save in a fire
  • Favorite family recipe (bonus points if you email the recipes out and everyone tries one from the group!)
  • Show a picture from a yearbook

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