Watch TV and Movies Together

Sometimes you just want to relax with a movie together. You have a few options!

1) Netflix Party Google Chrome Extention

Pro: A chat sidebar and no trying to coordinate hitting play at the same time!

Con: Everyone has to have a Netflix account. For anyone who doesn't, now's a good time to hop on a free trial.

Get Netflix Party

2) Zoom Call where someone shares the screen and the audio

Pro: No trying to coordinate hitting play at the same time and everyone doesn't need an account for the streaming service.

Con: Video and audio quality will suffer, even with optimizations.

3) Classic try to hit play at the same time. 

Pro: You don't need to finangle screensharing - you don't have to use Zoom. You could message back and forth using any messaging service. If you want to see others' faces, you could use Zoom.

Con: If you're watching together on a Zoom call, you'll need to wear headphones so that when you talk your show sound doesn't come through. Everyone will also need their own service account. 


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