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In Acts 2, after the Spirit of God is poured out upon God’s people, an utterly attractive and compelling community emerges. They love hanging out together, they are devoted to God’s word and worship, they see miracles, and they are radically generous with each other. The onlooking non-Christians never imagined that such a community of love, joy and freedom could ever exist. Every day more joined this unprecedented community of Jesus’ disciples. We are invited by God to ask for the Holy Spirit to create similar communities of welcome and generosity and joy wherever we find ourselves, even online.

Get started by using the Small Group Leader’s Guide. Use an excellent small group Bible study, “Jesus Encounters.” Create deep community with Flourishing Communities Bible Study. Or lead your large group with the Flourishing Communities Large Group Series.

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Flourishing Communities Large Group Series

This 7-week series features 15min large group talks that explore values and practices in the Bible that are necessary for a community to truly flourish: embodied faith, selfless love, radical inclusion, mutuality, reconciliation, costly compassion, and justice.

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Type: Videos | Guides
Topic: Ethnic Reconciliation and Justice | Large Group | Community Building

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“Here for You” Bible studies on Hospitality, Worship, and Justice

Three Bible studies in Luke that explore the theme of “here for you” designed to help your group build deeper community through setting a table of hospitality, learning to worship together, and responding with acts of justice.

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Type: Guides
Topic: Discipleship | Bible Study Guides | Community Building

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Faking It (Large Group Series)

“Faking It” is a three-part series of online large groups to help students start the year inspired by a vision for authentic Christian community, empowered to pray for their non-Christian friends, and an opportunity for all to respond to Jesus in new faith.

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Type: Videos
Topic: Evangelism | Large Group | Community Building

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Flourishing Communities Bible Study Collection

Flourishing Communities is a a seven week bible study series unpacking what it means to be a flourishing community. Jesus is all about creating the kind of community that goes beyond just being known - how we live and love each other will change the world around us.

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Type: Tool
Topic: Bible Study Guides | Ethnic Reconciliation and Justice | Community Building

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Spiritual Practices to Help You Thrive in College (Large Group Series)

We want you and your friends to thrive in college. Your life with God connects intimately with your pursuit of a healthy college experience. We’ve asked pastors, campus ministers, and wise friends of InterVarsity to contribute talks to a series to help you develop the spiritual practices you need right now.

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Type: Videos
Topic: Discipleship | Large Group | Community Building

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Jesus Encounter Bible Study Series

These bible studies were developed to help Christians and non-Christians explore Jesus and grow in faith together.

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Type: Tool
Topic: Bible Study Guides | Discipleship | Evangelism | Planting

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Online Follow Up

Follow up has always been about loving the new people God has placed around us. Online follow up takes the same principles and best practices to a new context. This article will give an overview of online follow up and some practical tips on how to get started.

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Type: Article
Topic: Follow Up | Community Building

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