Election Season Community Care

During this tumultuous election season, we want to be prepared to care for students, anticipating the potential increase of racial incidents and violence on campus. In addition to a just few resources below, we highly encourage you to receive the gift of the local church and the pastors, elders, aunties and uncles, and community leaders that are available and ready to pour into students. Many campuses offer mental health resources for students. Have that information on hand or keep a list of therapists or spiritual directors that you could recommend to students.

Quick Tips

The following are some quick tips compiled from the wisdom of the ethnic ministry teams:

  • Gather intercessors who can pray for your ministry
    – start a text thread or an email chain. Share prayer requests from your fellowship, invite intercessors to share what they are hearing from God.
  • Care for your body
    – move your body through a walk, dancing, stretching, etc. Drink water and eat food that will give you life.
  • Ground yourself in truth
    – write out a verse that can ground you in the truth of who God is. Memorize it or make it your home screen on your phone.
  • Connect with elders
    – learn from the wisdom and experience of those who have gone before you.
  • Consider both what you have to give, and what you need
    – how can you show up for your community? What will you need to be sustained? Prayer, laughter, community, protesting, sleeping, etc.

Campus Response

Responding to Racial Hostility

by InterVarsity's Multiethnic Ministries

We live in an age of racial strife, increased division and hostility. The reality of racism in our country is undeniable, and part of our role as ministers of the gospel is to work to break down that stronghold through the power of the Holy Spirit. Here are some resources for you and your chapter as you discern how to respond to racial hostility and violence on campus.

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Liturgical Prayers

A Litany for Election Season Square Image

A Litany for Election Season

by Erina Kim-Eubanks, Bethel Community San Leandro.
"In the midst of this election season, let us commit ourselves to remembering whose realm we belong to and who our Savior truly is."

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Prayer for the Election Square Image

Prayers for an Upcoming Election

by Diana Macalintal, Liturgy.life.
"Let us pray for the world and all its leaders [silence]: May leaders of nations have the courage to walk the path of peace together."

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A Liturgy for Election Day Sqaure Image

A Liturgy for Election Day

by AE Graham, The Rabbit Room.
"Almighty God who has given us an abundance of good things, has set our feet... we ask your blessings upon this Election Day."

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The Daily Arrow

by InterVarsity Experiential Discipleship

The Daily Arrow is a daily podcast series focused on centering followers of Jesus on God and His word so that our pursuit of justice flows from a heart and soul rooted and rested in Christ and not the dominant culture of comfort, anxiety, fear, hurry and rage. Each 5-minute podcast also comes with a daily individual reflection and a guide for leading a larger group.

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Worship in the Midst

Listen to this playlist of worship that was curated to flow in order from groundedness in God, to acknowledging circumstances, to intercession and personal prayer, to trust in God, and finally into sentness.

Instagram Resources

Phone Wallpapers

This is an ongoing compiled list of community care plans that comes from a variety of perspectives – from a diverse group both within InterVarsity and outside InterVarsity. It is our hope that we can come together to point to helpful resources, knowing that true community care will still take deep intentionality.


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