How to Automate Follow-Up Communication (ONSO Bootcamp Part 5)

In this session of ONSO Bootcamp, join Beau as he provides training for how to create automated Mailchimp follow-up communication. We'll go over some of your first steps in Mailchimp, share some templates you can use, and help you get set up so you can rapidly engage with new contacts.

This post is part of the ONSO Bootcamp collection, a 6-part series of trainings to help campus minsitry leaders lead effective Online New Student Outreach (ONSO). Browse the entire series here.

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Key Resources

First Steps in Mail Chimp

Mailchimp Templates

Note: You must be logged in to Mailchimp to view templates.

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30 Days Deeper Welcome

30 Days Deeper Session 1


Beau Crosetto

Beau is Senior Area Ministry Director for InterVarsity Louisiana

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