How to Build Websites and Landing Pages (ONSO Bootcamp Part 4)

Is your ministry's web presence hurting for a makeover? Do you need help creating a beautiful, compelling landing pages or website for your ministry?

Never fear! In this session of ONSO Bootcamp, join Mac, Mark, and Will and get trained on some of the simple and effective tools to get you started with your own website, landing page, and more. In their training, they will:

  • Share the vision and need for websites and landing pages
  • Explain the difference between a website and landing page
  • Walk you through tools on building websites and using InterVarsity's Landing Page Generator
  • Answer questions from the over 100 campus staff ministers and student leaders present

This post is part of the ONSO Bootcamp collection, a 6-part series of trainings to help campus minsitry leaders lead effective Online New Student Outreach (ONSO). Browse the entire series here.

Watch the Training

Download Training Video

Watch the Landing Page Q&A

Download Landing Page Q&A Video

Watch the Websites Page Q&A

Download Websites Q&A Video

Key Resources

Go to Landing Page Generator (101 Level)

View Weebly Website Creation Guide

Fill out Weebly Website Intake Form (201 Level)

View Slide Deck

Staff Access to Embed Contact Card (Currently only available to InterVarsity staff)


Mac Smith

Mac is the Area Minister Director for InterVarsity Intermountain Area.

Mark Breneman

Mark is InterVarsity's Director of Digital Services.

William Cheung

Will is a Digital Media Specialist for InterVarsity Creative Labs.


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