How to Lead “At Large” Online Groups (ONSO Bootcamp Part 2)

This session of the ONSO Bootcamp provides tips on leveraging Zoom to create interactive transformative experiences. You'll also get overviews on two strategic pathways for “at large” online groups: the “Ignite” pathway with a focus on evangelism and the “Adopt a Campus” pathway with a focus on starting InterVarsity.

This post is part of the ONSO Bootcamp collection, a 6-part series of trainings to help campus minsitry leaders lead effective Online New Student Outreach (ONSO). Browse the entire series here.

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Watch Jabin's Story from UN-Omaha


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Noemi Vega Quiñones

Noemi leads as the South Texas area ministry director for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Jamie Ladipo

Jamie serves as InterVarsity's Associate National Director of Evangelism.

Eric Rafferty

Eric serves as InterVarsity's Associate Program Director for Chapter Planting


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