❄️ Kick Off 2021 with January New Student Outreach ❄️

A new year and a new semester means new opportunities for your ministry to engage your campus! Even in the midst of uncertainties in the coming year, we are trusting God is still at work in our ministries and campuses.

One concrete way that we can join in what God is doing is by planning and praying for January New Student Outreach (J-NSO) using this one-page overview. You’ll learn the basics of how to approach J-NSO and some ways to make your plan.

Download J-NSO Guide


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Dave serves as the Associate National Director of Growth and loves to integrate growth and discipleship holistically. He and his family near Ann Arbor in Michigan where he has been a volunteer, Assoc. Regional Director and everything in between before his current role. He is nearly finished with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies at Regent College in Vancouver.