Large Group Talk: Doug Schaupp, "You are God's Masterpiece"

National Director of Evangelism Doug Schaupp shares an inspiring message out of Matthew 9:9-13. A few highlights:

  • Doug exhorts Christians to use their hobbies, passions, gifts, and personal quirks to draw people towards Jesus.
  • He also makes a joyful and winsome invitation for non-Christians to consider Jesus.
  • Doug shares lots of fun stories from his college years as well as stories of students around the country authentically integrating their passions with mission.
  • He also gives a strong call to faith at the end, so be prepared to debrief and follow up with your community, especially any seekers in attendance.

This is a fantastic message for new student outreach or any large group where you have participants at many different places on their faith journey. This message was originally recorded for InterVarsity Live! on March 22, 2020, but still has resonance for today.

*Note: From 13:49 - 14:18, Doug shares some next steps that were specific to InterVarsity Live! so you may want clarify in advance that this talk was pre-recorded or make a quick note to your audience. 

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Bible Study Guide Companion Resource

If you’d like to continue to explore the theme of “You are God’s Masterpiece,” consider using this Bible Study Guide written by Dave Paladino as a companion piece to Doug’s talk on Luke 7:36-50.

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Rev. Doug Schaupp serves as the National Director of Evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. A writer and teacher, he focuses on the alignment of the gospel and racial reconciliation, postmodern evangelism, and leadership development. He is based in Los Angeles and graduated from Fuller Seminary.