Mental Health and God

No matter what we are facing, God invites us to bring ourselves into his presence to be encouraged, healed, and renewed. Life challenges have a way of drawing us away from God as we attempt to figure out how to make ourselves feel better, and our pain and suffering often try to convince us that God is indifferent or irrelevant.

God longs for us to trust him with our thoughts and emotions, and God cares deeply about our mental health. This short series from Skip McDonald helps us engage Scripture so we can seek God and depend on God for strength to carry on.

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Study 1: Weary from the Journey

1 Kings 19:1-18

As we live in these uncertain times, chaos, unrest, and sickness abound. This can be a ripe recipe for fear, discouragement, and downright exhaustion in our souls and bodies. What is God’s call to you in the midst of it all?

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Study 2: Dependency

Psalm 62

In uncertain times, dependency upon God can sometimes feel useless. When we and others experience pain and loss, we may wonder whether God sees us. Our faith may be challenged to the brink of disbelief. We need others who will encourage us to hold onto our faith in God. Psalm 62 helps to foster this dependency.

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Study 3: Sustaining Hope

Romans 5:1-11

In today’s world, we need to be reminded that hope still exists. Faced with many hopeless situations, we need the stirring of the Holy Spirit so that we are able to embrace hope. We need true hope, that only he can provide. May we be attentive to his signs of hope uniquely tailored for us.

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This resource was written by Skip McDonald and joyfully curated as a joint collaboration between Discipleship & Growth and Scripture Engagement.


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