By Jamie Ladipo

Follow up has always been about loving the new people God has placed around us. Online follow up takes the same principles and best practices to a new context. This article will give an overview of online follow up and some practical tips on how to get started.

How do you make online social gatherings fun? While it's not the same as being in-person, we hope you'll laugh just as hard with these variety of virtual meeting ideas, online games, and quick ice-breakers that we've gathered.

God loves to turn national crises into gospel opportunities. Many feel out of control and are more open to Jesus. Students and faculty can continue being missional by hosting a GIG: Groups Investing God.

By Christina Quintanilla

Through the example of a marginal Samaritan, Jesus displays a transformative love that sees and responds to the wounds of our neighbors with the covenantal love of God. The profound message is that Jesus urges his followers to extend sacrificial love to every neighbor, despite theological, political, or socio-ethnic differences. 

By Andy Kim

Following up on contacts is a critical aspect of any growing ministry. We communicate care to those we follow up with and we have the opportunity to welcome new people into our spiritual community! How is your ministry preparing for following up?

By Doug Schaupp

Inviting your friends to follow Jesus is the one of the most significant things you can do to see decisions of faith on your campus.

By Doug Schaupp

God wants to use our winsome invitations to offer far more people on campus a compelling reason to check out Jesus and transform them forever. Let’s imitate Jesus with his life-changing invitation in John 1 with his epic “come and see.”

By Jamie Ladipo

Jesus teaches his disciples in community. He does very little 1-to-1 ministry. For the 12, being Jesus’ disciples means living in a “learning community” pretty much all the time. We too can practice “learning community” together, in which everyone has something to offer, and everyone is getting better at a skill or value. One very practical way to experience learning community is through Coaching Circles.

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