Need to build a website to promote your ministry in this ONSO season? If so, check out our Weebly (Mac Smith Project) website offering for ONSO. With Weebly you can quickly duplicate an existing site and fill in your ministry information.

By Eric Rafferty

Do you want to start InterVarsity on your campus? Or do you have a friend who wants to start an InterVarsity ministry on a campus they attend? This short Bible study on Matthew 9:35-38 can help you and other interested students discern God's invitation and think through your connections on campus.

By Dave Paladino

As you work towards developing potential leaders during NSO, consider “Spicy Faith,” a game that uses fun challenges that invite your community to put faith into action by taking some God-oriented risks!

By Doug Schaupp

We all want to create authentic community online this fall. The first 5 minutes of a zoom call sets the tone for the entire meeting. Starting meetings with Inside Scoop can bring some energy and help people open up to one another.

By Doug Schaupp

These bible studies were developed to help Christians and non-Christians explore Jesus and grow in faith together. Each study has artistic interpretations of each passage, as well as simple discussion questions, challenging application questions, and a built-in call to faith at the end of the series.

By Jamie Ladipo

Start a prayer movement for non-Christians on your campus using this simple tool to bring focus to your prayer.


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