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💻 Same Outreach, New Approach

Students will be coming to campus in person or virtually, but who will welcome them?

We think that the most loving thing that we can do is to be Jesus’ “faithful witnesses” (Acts 1:8) and point students to Jesus himself. We will help you do that, especially in today’s online context. Students are tired of video, but they are eager for connection. We will help you become a great friend, to offer fun space for bonding, and host surprisingly honest conversations.

Tragedy can be redeemed, and become unprecedented Kingdom advance. What if you were able to extend God’s love to twenty percent of your campus in 2020? We think it will be EASIER to reach much more of your campus today. Let’s embrace the God-moment we are experiencing...for such a time as this!

Get started by engaging your networks and meeting new people with our first ever “Insta-Proxe” Better World. Improve your invitations and follow up. And get ready to offer the good news of Jesus through small group invitation to faith.

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Better World Instagram Proxe

Engage your instagram followers in a dynamic discussion about Jesus and racial justice.

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Type: Proxe
Topic: Ethnic Reconciliation and Justice | Evangelism

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Follow Up 101

Following up on contacts that we have made through an event, a contact card, or social media is a critical aspect of any growing ministry, especially during new student outreach (NSO).

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Type: Article
Topic: Community Building | Follow Up

Winsome Invitations

Improving Our Winsome Invitations

God wants to use our winsome invitations to offer far more people on campus a compelling reason to check out Jesus and transform them forever.

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Type: Article
Topic: Community Building | Follow Up | Evangelism

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Small Group Invitation to Faith

Inviting your friends to follow Jesus is the one of the most significant things you can do to see decisions of faith on your campus.

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Type: Article
Topic: Evangelism | Small Group Leadership


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