Start Here: A Catalytic ONSO Event for New Students

Event Host: 
Tim Holmes

Come learn about what God is doing in this season on campuses across the country and the impact community can have on your spiritual life in college. This event will feature testimonies from fellow students, spoken word, and more. 

Don’t want to watch the premiere of Start Here alone? There are opportunities to connect directly with InterVarsity communities in your area through watch parties happening at different times across the country. You’ll get more info about these when you receive reminders by signing up HERE

How to use "Start Here" during ONSO:

Start Here is designed to work BOTH as an event you can invite incoming students to AND a resource you can share.

That means that you can:

  • Invite students to one of the national watch parties (they'll get an email about this if they sign up for a reminder
  • Invite students to a watch party that you or your area/region/campus coordinate
  • Send that link to Start Here to folks to engage on their own or share with their kids, friends, family, or church.

While Start Here is premiering on Thursday at 7pm ET (and national watch parties are happening Thursday and Friday at 7pm ET, 7pm CT, 7 pm MT, 7pm PT ... 8 options!!!), we anticipate that this will be something you can use throughout August and September.

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