Start Spiritual Conversations with the 5 Thresholds Faith Journey Quiz

The Faith Journey Quiz is a great way to easily start spiritual conversations with strangers on campus.

Do it on Campus

If you’re on campus, you could gather a group together, split into pairs, and together with your partner, use the Faith Journey Quiz cards to approach people around campus and start conversations.

Do it Online
  • Post this quiz of your social media and ask your friends and followers to vote on which description best describes them.
  • As you get responses to your post, move the conversation over DM or text by asking people, “What does [their choice] mean to you? What’s your spiritual background?
  • End your conversation by casting vision and making an invitation. Something like:

“Thank you for sharing that. We care about people from every spiritual background and we want to help everyone grow, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. There are ___ students on this campus who are loved by God. Sadly, many don’t know God’s love. We are starting an InterVarsity chapter here to help students explore that love and be transformed by it. We are looking for people who will help us start this group. Would a community like that be something you’d be interested in? Or who do you know who would be? What’s the best way to get in touch with you?”

Starting spiritual conversations with strangers or even friends can seem intimidating at first, but you will be surprised at the responses you get as you are faithful and intentional. We’ve seen thousands of students, faculty, and staff engage in deep spiritual conversations using this tool and hope it can be a blessing for you as well!

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Note: This resource is part of a larger collection of resources called “Adopt-A-Campus” that equip students to start revival movements on campuses with no ongoing Christian ministry. Learn more and explore the whole toolkit here:


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Eliana SoHyun Land has been on InterVarsity staff since 2009.  She has been an Area Director, Team Leader, and Campus Staff Ministry in San Francisco and now serves as the Senior Resource Developer in the Evangelism Department.  Eliana loves seeing God move in students and chapters as they take evangelistic risks.  She lives currently lives in San Francisco with her husband and daughter.