Community Building

Community Building

By Steve Tamayo

Three different sets of discipleship cycles you can use for your first meetings with Latino students on your campus.

How do you make online social gatherings fun? While it's not the same as being in-person, we hope you'll laugh just as hard with these variety of virtual meeting ideas, online games, and quick ice-breakers that we've gathered.

God loves to turn national crises into gospel opportunities. Many feel out of control and are more open to Jesus. Students and faculty can continue being missional by hosting a GIG: Groups Investing God.

By Sandra Maria Van Opstal

Reverend Sandra Maria Van Opstal preaches a powerful message out of Luke 10:25-37, the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  She challenges us to not allow indecision to stop us from doing something great that the world is waiting for. She reminds us that indecision IS a decision. The invitation we have from Jesus is to "Go, and do likewise." 

Find out how a weekend iteration of InterVarsity Study Abroad’s Digital Camino—a retreat on the move—can serve your chapter, area, or region in place of the typical four-talk fall-conference format.

Rewatch the recorded info session to get caught up!

By Chloe Papke

This google doc is a collection of ideas and links to the best virtual community building ideas we’ve used, it was designed for international student communities but has wide application to anyone seeking to build community online.

By Eric Rafferty

As you look at your networks, you’ll discover a list of contacts who might want to be part of the community you’re starting with your partners. Your first gathering is a kickoff event that will welcome your networks into community, facilitate encounter with God, and cast vision for their networks too.

By Eric Rafferty

Gather your community of partners to cast vision for starting something new and to explore your combined networks to see who you're connected with. Whether you’re starting something new on your own campus or at another campus, gathering a community of partners is your starting point!


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