Community Building

Community Building

Is your university moving online? Are you wondering how you are going to do campus ministry this year? If so, then the ONSO Bootcamp collection is just for you!

Check out these tips, tricks, and best practices to get the most out of your online meeting, bible study, or prayer group!

We’ve established 5 rhythms of ministry and are providing training for how all can be done online.

Be a part of an historic and strategic gathering of over a dozen campus ministries: A virtual “back to school” catalytic event that will cast vision to incoming students for God’s work in spiritual community during college.

By Dave Paladino

Leading a small group is an exhilarating, joy-filled experience, but it can also be incredibly daunting. The Small Group Start-Up Guide will walk you through the adventure of a lifetime, as you partner with the Holy Spirit this year.   

By Jazzy Johnson

Black Campus Ministries Resource Specialist Jazzy Johnson preaches a powerful message out of Genesis 1-2 calling us deeper into “imaginative co-creating of community with God.” This is a wonderfully holistic message that has depth for Christians while also remaining very accessible for seekers. Be ready for great conversations afterwards.

By Sam Rizk

In this series of short videos, Los Angeles Ministry Director Sam Rizk shares why follow up is critical for ministry, what makes good follow up, and how to move forward with great follow up.


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