By Jamie Ladipo and Doug Schaupp

Whether in person or online, whether in small groups or large groups, find all you need to give effective calls to faith. Help create a culture of invitation and response within your chapter and learn how you can join the Luke 10 Revolution!  

Skeptics and seekers love our invitation to be more real. No one wants to be fake. Use this Instagram resource to invite others into a radically honest and authentic community.

By Doug Schaupp and Jamie Ladipo

“Faking It” is a three-part series of online large groups to help students start the year inspired by a vision for authentic Christian community, empowered to pray for their non-Christian friends, and an opportunity for all to respond to Jesus in new faith.

By Eric Rafferty

The five week Encounters with Jesus Bible study series include illustrations and guided discussion and application questions. They’re formatted as Google Docs to be used for Zoom Bible studies. Each study also has an accompanying leaders guide with community building suggestions, questions for going deeper, and other leadership insights.

God loves to turn national crises into gospel opportunities. Many feel out of control and are more open to Jesus. Students and faculty can continue being missional by hosting a GIG: Groups Investing God.

By Jamie Ladipo and Doug Schaupp

In times of crisis, many questions are being asked about how God interacts with the COVID-19 pandemic. How can we still reach people? Can we still do justice? In the 5th Rhythm of Online ministry, we answer those questions.

We’ve established 5 rhythms of ministry and are providing training for how all can be done online.

This session of the ONSO Bootcamp provides tips on leveraging Zoom to create interactive transformative experiences. You'll also get overviews on two strategic pathways for “at large” online groups: the “Ignite” pathway with a focus on evangelism and the “Start Something New” pathway with a focus on starting InterVarsity.


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