Follow Up

Follow Up

By Jamie Ladipo

Follow up has always been about loving the new people God has placed around us. Online follow up takes the same principles and best practices to a new context. This article will give an overview of online follow up and some practical tips on how to get started.

By Dave Paladino

A new year and a new semester means new opportunities for your ministry to engage your campus! This one-page guide gives you the basics of how to approach January New Student Outreach (J-NSO) and some ways to make your plan. 

By Dave Paladino

Leading a small group is an exhilarating, joy-filled experience, but it can also be incredibly daunting. The Small Group Start-Up Guide will walk you through the adventure of a lifetime, as you partner with the Holy Spirit this year.   

By Sam Rizk

In this series of short videos, Los Angeles Ministry Director Sam Rizk shares why follow up is critical for ministry, what makes good follow up, and how to move forward with great follow up.

By Andy Kim

Following up on contacts is a critical aspect of any growing ministry. We communicate care to those we follow up with and we have the opportunity to welcome new people into our spiritual community! How is your ministry preparing for following up?

By Doug Schaupp

God wants to use our winsome invitations to offer far more people on campus a compelling reason to check out Jesus and transform them forever. Let’s imitate Jesus with his life-changing invitation in John 1 with his epic “come and see.”

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