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The InterVarsity Library is your one-stop site for resources, materials, and guides to equip you to minister on your campus this Fall. Even in these most challenging of school years, we believe God is still at work and inviting us to take steps of faith in mission! Jump on a guided path or browse all our resources to find what you need.

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Flourishing Communities LG Square

Flourishing Communities Large Group Series

This 7-week series features 15-min large group talks that explore values and practices in the Bible that are necessary for a community to truly flourish.

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Making Calls to Faith Online

Whether in person, online, in small groups or in large groups, you can give effective calls to faith. Help create a culture of invitation and response within your chapter!

Faking It Instaproxe Square Image

Faking It Instagram Proxe

Skeptics and seekers love our invitation to be more real. No one wants to be fake. Use this Instagram resource to invite others into a radically honest and authentic community.

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🐤 New to Online Ministry?

Find training on video conferencing as well as five rhythms of ministering online. Get Started Now.

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Orange Community

Reach Out to Your Campus

New student outreach will look different in Fall. We’ve gathered the best of what we have to help you.

Start Reaching Out

Orange Growth

Create Life-Changing Community

Established your chapter? Find new materials and resources to plan your small group, large group, and other events.

Create Community

Orange Planting

Start InterVarsity on Your Campus

Are you trying to plant a new InterVarsity chapter on a campus? We have a primer for you.

Start InterVarsity

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We’re hard at work trying to build and update this library in real time: we’d love your feedback so far. Share with us your suggestions! If you need more assistance finding a resource, please reach out to us at online@intervarsity.org and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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