Why Follow Up Matters

Following up on contacts that we have made through an event, a contact card, or social media is a critical aspect of any growing ministry, especially during new student outreach (NSO).

In this series of short videos, Los Angeles Ministry Director Sam Rizk shares why follow up is critical for ministry, what makes good follow up, and how to move forward with great follow up. This series can be particularly helpful to share with leaders who may need a bigger vision for why follow up matters and some practical next steps to move forward. The first video gives a great overview vision, then the following three videos flesh out follow up even more.

Download Video 1

Continue With the Series

Video 2: Sam share his story about how follow up changed his life

Story of Follow Up from InterVarsity Library on Vimeo.

Video 3: Sam explains the different aspects of follow up

Aspects of Follow Up from InterVarsity Library on Vimeo.

Video 4: Sam closes the series by recapping the vision for follow up and inviting you to reflect

Follow Up Vision and Reflection from InterVarsity Library on Vimeo.


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Sam Rizk is the Area Ministry Director for Los Angeles County.