News Conference Statement by President Alec Hill

October 3, 2006

Opening Remarks
Alec Hill

For over 40 years, a student group affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been active at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. That is until eight months ago – when the group was de-recognized.

The university’s action was taken simply because InterVarsity requires its student leaders – not members, but just leaders – to sign our Statement of Faith.

Frankly, the university’s position defies common sense. Does this mean, for example, Hillel (Jewish students) must accept Holocaust-deniers as leaders? That the Young Democrats must accept Republicans as leaders?

After months of failed attempts to resolve this situation, the UW-Superior chapter of InterVarsity yesterday filed suit in federal court to seek reinstatement as a fully recognized student organization.

Three years ago, our student leaders at Rutgers University faced exactly the same situation. After several months – and before trial – Rutgers reversed course and re-recognized the group. It is our sincere hope that common sense will likewise prevail in this situation.