Media Engages InterVarsity and Black Lives Matter

InterVarsity’s affirmation at Urbana 15 that Black Lives Matter is an expression of our desire to fully submit our lives and ministry to the authority of Jesus Christ.  As we seek to cultivate spiritual growth in students and faculty, we are leaning into our value for ethnic reconciliation and justice. We recognize that it is only by pursuing life together as a reconciled Body that we can grow to reflect the righteousness, justice and mercy of God the Father.  

We are greatly appreciative of the number of commentators who understand why addressing ethnic reconciliation and justice is so important.

David Swartz is a history professor at Asbury University:

John Inazu is a law professor at Washington University and a member of InterVarsity’s Board of Trustees:

Ed Stetzer is Executive Director of LifeWay Research and a contributing editor for Christianity Today:

D. A. Horton is an author, pastor, theologian, and church planter:

Ron Sider is a founder of Evangelicals for Social Action:

Mark Oppenheimer is a columnist for the New York Times:

MaryKate Morse is professor of leadership and spiritual formation at George Fox Evangelical Seminary and spoke at Urbana 15:

Max Lee is professor of New Testament at North Park Theological Seminary:

David Williams a Campus Staff Member with InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries at New York University:

Katelin Hansen is the editor of By Their Strange Fruit, an online forum to facilitate justice and understanding across racial divides:

Ram Sridharan, InterVarsity’s Associate Division Director in the Ohio Valley, offered a perspective from another minority group:

Nina Thomas, a Hunter College graduate student, reported to InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars blog from an Urbana 15 seminar on #BlackLivesMatter:

Stephen Woodworth is an ordained pastor and missionary in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC):

 Efrem Smith is the President and CEO of World Impact, a Christian missions organizations committed to the church-planting movement in the inner city:

 Joe Carter is an editor for The Gospel Coalition:

Aaron Cline Hanbury is the editorial director for RELEVANT magazine:

Nathan Bixler is a provisionally appointed InterVarsity Campus Staff Member at the University of Rochester:

Jake Meador is a writer who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Tobin Grant is a professor at Southern Illinois University:

Vanessa Carter is a social justice researcher and seminarian:

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students offers an international perspective:

We also appreciate those who have signed this letter of support:

Pastor Bryan Loritts in Christianity Today:

The Associated Press reports "Christian groups have renewed focus on fighting racism."

InterVarsity's statement on Black Lives Matter is located here.