You can win a scholarship to Ambition 2018 by sharing your vision for the ministry or outreach you want to start on your campus. Perhaps it’s a new ministry for South Asian students, a ministry for Athletes, or Artists, or Nurses - the possibilities are endless. We’d like to hear what your ambition is!

How to Enter

Submit a video of yourself, stating your name, college or university, what you plan to start on your campus, and why you care. All videos will be considered for a $100 scholarship to attend Ambition 2018! Your entry will also be considered to move on to the second round of the My Ambition Grant Competition, which will be held onsite in Anaheim, CA!


Make it brief - no longer than 30 seconds. Be yourself! Have fun, show your energy and passion for your idea. Include any friends/partners that are helping you with your new ministry venture. Sound quality is important - avoid places with background noise, and speak up so your message is clearly heard. Be sure to say, “My ambition is…”


Getting Started

Feel free to use one of these phrases, or adapt one of them to fit your style!

“I’m (name) and I think the (people group or type of students) at (college or university) deserve to know Jesus and become part of his Kingdom here. My ambition is to start something new with them.”

“I believe God loves (people group or type of students) but a lot of them don’t know it yet. My ambition is to start something new at (college or university)."

“My friends at (college or university) need someone who can show them who Jesus is, and help them start following Him. I guess that someone is me! I’m (name) and this is my ambition.”