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August 08, 2012

The Beauty of Liturgy

Elle Knop

When I came home from school this summer, I was excited to catch up with my family and start my summer internship. I couldn’t wait to visit Erin’s church—which she had talked about many times since she started attending a year ago.

Having attended her church this summer, I’ve learned so much about liturgical prayer.

August 07, 2012

Buying Jesus Lunch

Sasha Mackoon

The train was taking almost twenty to thirty minutes to leave, when a man walking on his two hands and one foot, went onto the ladies’ train car.

This man is known around the train station for begging.

As he went through the train car asking for money, Eric

August 06, 2012

Finding Freedom Through Sabbath

Justin Soong

When I was in high school I went to Taiwan on a mission trip. My home church in Fremont, CA had been planted years ago by Taiwanese immigrants and now, we were helping plant a small church in Taiwan.

My role was simple: I was to spend one week teaching elementary school children English, generally taking care of them, and also

August 02, 2012

Praying Beyond Ourselves

Mollie Emerson

One of my favorite parts of Paul’s epistles is when Paul transparently shares what he prays for.

Paul doesn’t just write to the churches in order to correct and instruct, but also to encourage and to remind them that he cares. 

The way that Paul prays for the early believers is powerful and

August 01, 2012

Know Scripture Better Than "Hotel California"

Jen Herrmann

I know the lyrics to all six verses of "American Pie." I can recite every word that Sandra Bullock yells after Peter Gallagher when he tells her “Merry Christmas” in While You Were Sleeping. I’ve read some texts so many times that there’s no point in saving them. I can sing, note for note, the guitar solo from “Hotel California.”

Recently, I decided to write down all the references to

July 31, 2012

The Upside Down Kingdom

Jonathan Yee

The Kingdom of God always seems to catch me off guard.

What I mean by that is: I never seem to ‘get used’ to it. It's so completely different from conventional thinking and ‘common sense.’

It’s still foreign to me, even though I call myself a Christian. It makes me uncomfortable. The Kingdom of God is really something

July 30, 2012

Going Back to the Hood

Guyana Hand

My neighborhood’s the type of place InterVarsity students might visit for an Urban Project. 

It’s the type of place people lock their car doors as they drive through. Quite frankly, it’s the type of place young people don’t return to after college. 

My mom moved there after I went to college, and like most

July 26, 2012

Worthy Are Those Who Wait

Julia Powers

When you think of the future, what comes to mind?

For me, I think of New Student Outreach, classes, job applications, graduate school applications, travel plans, Urbana 12 travel plans, and a dizzying list of other things marked for the 2012 calendar.

But, one thing that I don’t usually think of is: the second

July 25, 2012

Geri Rodman to Speak at Urbana 12

Adam Jeske

This December, Geri will address nearly 20,000 participants at Urbana 12, the largest student missions gathering in the world.

Geri Rodman is president of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Canada. She was appointed to leadership in 2002, after spending 23 years leading the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA ministry in Northern California and Hawaii. Under Geri’s

July 24, 2012

Bono's Favorite Book

Drew Larson

This is how you know that Eugene Peterson—pastor, professor, and bestselling author of the Bible paraphrase The Message— is stone-cold cool. 

As I was talking with Peterson about his book Run With the Horses: The Quest for Life At Its Best, I casually mentioned how I thought this book was underrated compared to his

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