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January 30, 2012

Celebrate 1 Year of Infographics with Free Stuff

Laura Li and Glenn Griffin

Twentyonehundred productions is known for their thoughtful, creative videos and designs. But we also know how to laugh. A lot.

For the past year, 2100, InterVarsity’s multimedia team, has been posting weekly infographics on its Facebook page.  While the topics have varied from Daylight Savings time and Fireworks to Bible study and evangelism, they are united by the

January 27, 2012

How Ambition Could Inspire Revolution

Geoff Gentry

I’m a language nerd. And not in that cool “phonetic alphabet origin of words” way. I suck at Scrabble, Boggle and other dictionary games. What I love is describing things: finding new ways to understand the human mystery through words or discovering an alternative to the current story and sharing it with as many people as possible. I am unashamedly a student of communication and story.

January 25, 2012

Believers in Business: A Different Kind of Occupation

Pauline Wu

It might be 2012 now, but the Occupy movement still continues…witness Occupy Congress as its most recent incarnation. What will they Occupy next? I’ve been watching from the sidelines – following along through the news and unintentionally driving past Occupy camps in DC and Philadelphia. 

January 23, 2012

Are You Called to Full-Time Ministry?

Patrick Langan

Lindsey graduated six months ago and is still struggling to figure out her next step. She has changed her mind three times already. She likes the idea of being a missionary in the Dominican Republic. She also sees practical good in working for a while to pay off college loans. Then there is the chance to join InterVarsity staff. They all seem like good and right options. She feels stuck at the crossroads and overwhelmed with the weight of the decision, wondering why God doesn’t make it easier.

January 20, 2012

Poetry Vs. Theology

Jonathan Walton

Jefferson Bethke’s poem, “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus,” has gone “viral,” as they say, and with all youtube videos come comments, both positive and negative, hopeful and discouraging. In reading the comments and blogs and listening to the poem written by Jefferson again and again, I believe there is a gulf between the artist and the theologian. There are limits to both perspectives but, because of social media and its vast influence, they must engage one another.

January 18, 2012

The Church Calendar: Ritual or Dance?

Bobby Gross

It never would have occurred to my parents to select readings for our family story time that reflected the Christian year. They were unfamiliar with it, as was I for many years. For example, in my senior year of college, my literary-minded apartment-mate proposed throwing a Twelfth Night party à la Shakespeare. Well, I knew about the play but had never connected its title with the twelve days of the holiday song, nor did I realize that

January 13, 2012

MLK and Our Cities Today

Chris Nielson

On Monday our country will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As someone who grew up after the Civil Rights Movement it is hard for me to fully understand what life was like 25 years before I was born. Those brave men and women encouraged our country to live up to the “better angels of our nature” and recognize the promises of our civil creeds. Dr. King’s role in that historic moment is significant, and he has been rightly recognized for his leadership.

January 12, 2012

"Religion Says Do, Jesus Says Done"

Abi Christian

Since it was posted on youtube yesterday, Jefferson Bethke's spoken word poem, "Why I hate Religion, But Love Jesus," has gotten quite a bit of traffic with some powerful lines like: 

"If grace was water, then the Church should be an ocean. It isn't a musuem for good people; it's a hospital for the broken." 

Check it out and tell us what you think.

January 11, 2012

How to Start Reading the Bible

Bob Grahmann

Perhaps you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to start reading your Bible or to read it more often. Great! But how do you get started? And how do you stick to your resolution without just going through the motions?

As I noted in this article, a great place to start reading the Bible is with the gospels of Mark and John. Mark is a fast-paced account of what Jesus did and John focuses on what Jesus said

January 09, 2012

Jesus in Witte Hall

Lauren Anderson

“. . . and well, God is in my life now,” Sam said with a smile, as she hopped out of her chair and ran around the room, holding out her hands to receive high-fives from our chapter. After having made the decision to follow Jesus during our fall conference, Sam shared her testimony to celebrate with her new family. Just six weeks before, Sam, then a recent acquaintance, began showing interest in our dorm community.

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