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September 10, 2012

Advice for College Freshmen (and for Anyone, Really)

Adam and Christine Jeske

Each fall brings a few million new students to campus in the U.S., and the transition to college is one of the great hallmarks of life in our culture.

Or, to put it more colloquially, it’s freakin’ crazy.

In fact, here's an ode written especially for that experience we all know as Freshman Move-In Day:

September 06, 2012

Listening Leads to Multiplicative Ministry

Brennan Takayama

When I moved back to Hawai‘i in 2007, I participated in Ho‘olohe Ponoa two week summer immersion into the Native Hawaiian community—to listen, learn, and serve with the aloha (love) of Jesus. 

This summer was my fifth time attending, and I took five students along with me.

September 05, 2012

Stand Out and Be Different

Sharonda McPhee

As a little girl, I had a negative perspective of the word ‘different.’


Because throughout elementary and middle school I was teased and made fun of because I was different. So over time, I changed how different I was, to blend in.

September 04, 2012

A Risky Move

Jessica Fick

I didn’t expect Jesus to show up in a bar that evening. No, it wasn’t a hipster dude with a big beard. It was at my high school reunion where I reconnected with Chris—a formerly awkward and quiet student who now sported snazzy glasses, stylishly gelled hair, and an identity as an openly gay man.

I had braced myself for the various negative responses when I

August 30, 2012

Confuse a Freshman= Priceless

Audrey Puah

I don't know what I expected when Kaben waltzed into my freshman dorm room.   

It was my first week of college, and my roommate and I were sitting in our dorm room doing nothing in particular. Kaben and his friend TJ were saying hi to their sophomore friends who lived down the hall from us.

August 29, 2012

Learning To Drive Your Faith on Your Own

Rod Pauls

I remember when I first went to college. My parents and I loaded up our car with all of my earthly possessions and we made the two-and-a half-hour trek to my college campus. My parents took me to my dorm, helped me unload my stuff, took me out to dinner, and then said a tearful good-bye. 

I remember being excited to experience everything that

August 28, 2012

Who Will You Be?

Patrick Langan

Remember the old board game called Life? College can feel a lot like that old board game.

Sometimes it feels like your whole life stands or falls on what major you decide on or what career path you commit to. Choose well, get the right grades, and do well at the interview, so you’ll land the job of your dreams.

August 27, 2012

The First Week: More Important than Finals

Steve Wimmer

Freshmen: calm down, you don’t need to bring your text books to class.

You might expect the first week to be challenging and filled with assignments, but returning students know that it generally means getting a syllabus and leaving class after ten minutes.

Occasionally, learning happens, but more frequently the

August 24, 2012

Growing Up Latino in the United States (Borderlands pt. 2)

Noemi Vega

This summer, seventeen InterVarsity staff and students took part in Borderlands, a special track of the Los Angeles Urban Project. They spent time in Tijuana, San Diego, and Fresno to learn more about the issue of immigration and to understand the issue through a Christian lens.  While at the border, they partnered with staff and students from Compa (the International Fellowship of Evangelical Student movement in

August 23, 2012

Sometimes, Tough Love is Needed

Ryan Sutton

When you write a letter to someone, what is the last thing you say?

Sometimes, we save the most important pieces of information for last: the best thing that has been going on lately, that ‘big news’, or the most critical thing that you want your reader to remember.

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