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May 18, 2012

The Two Most Important Questions an Evangelist Can Ask

Steve Wimmer

I have reservations about the accuracy of this title (the most important question of all is “Who is Jesus?” but I believe that ultimately he asks it, even if he uses our mouths), but I’m pressing on. Assuming that Jesus asks people who they think he is, the two most important questions we can ask in conversation are “What do you mean?” and “How do you know?”

These two simple questions will deliver you from having to know

May 15, 2012

3 Lessons to Develop Leaders

Patrick Langan

Leaders make all the difference. Good leaders can help a ministry accomplish great things. Not so good leaders can take a ministry equally in the opposite direction. Of course, the Holy Spirit is the one who takes our meager efforts and brings about God’s intended results. Still, good leadership does not just happen. When it comes to developing an effective leadership team in campus ministry, 3 lessons stick out to me.

May 14, 2012

Guidelines for Job Hunting

Judy Johnson

Unemployed. Underemployed. Job Transition.

Do any of these words describe you? Whether you've only recently graduated and are looking for a job, have taken a job to bring in a paycheck, or are looking for the next step in your field, now might be a good time to look at some of the best job hunting guidelines. 

May 11, 2012

Advice for the First Day on the Job

Drew Larson, Guyana Hand, Laura Strasser

With college graduation nearly upon us, it’s time for the graduating class of 2012 to partake in an ancient rite of passage: crashing back at Mom and Dad’s place.    

No, wait, that’s not right. We mean: starting that first real job. It’s tough being the new girl or guy in the workplace. You’re in a strange and unfamiliar environment. People shuttle you from place to place. You feel like everyone is staring at you, sizing

May 09, 2012

Our Top Posts from Linsanity to Camp Recipes

Abi Christian

Most one-year-olds spend the better part of life’s first year crawling around and drooling on stuffed animals. Some blogs start out that way too. But when we launched the InterVarsity blog in May 2011, we resolved to skip all the growing pains and come with the goods from the start.  

We’ve had a great year of writers and stories about what God is doing on campus, wisdom from staff and students on ministry,

May 07, 2012

Lessons from The Avengers on Leadership

Josh Foster

As a huge Marvel fan (my students call me a geek – out of love, of course), I’ve been waiting for the movie The Avengers for a very long time. On the surface, the Avengers are a collection of individuals (albeit super-powered) who unite together to fight the greatest threats and villains the world has ever seen.

While each of them possesses incredible powers and skills, together they can take on almost any obstacle. But great

May 04, 2012

Learning to Thrive at College

Alex Chediak

College should be a temporary season of academic preparation and personal growth to propel a lifetime of effective service to God and neighbor. It should be a launching pad into all that goes with responsible Christian adulthood. Yet for some, it’s a time when they abandon the Christian faith. For others, their faith remains intact, but they waste their college lives with video games, partying, and other frivolities—an expensive vacation

May 01, 2012

8 Ways to Discern God's Will

Paul Borthwick

There is no set formula for discovering God’s will. Instead, consider this discovery like viewing a constellation. When we look into the night sky, we need to see clusters of stars to view a constellation. Only by looking at the overall group of stars will we see Orion or the Big Dipper. Focusing on one star does not give us the big picture.

In the same way, discerning God’s will involves looking at the

April 30, 2012

Study the Bible through Lectio Divina

Laura Abrams

In InterVarsity, we have a central belief that the scriptures in the Bible are God’s Word – and these words speak to us. The scriptures spoke to generations before us, and will speak to generations after us until Christ returns.

Typically in InterVarsity, we love to study the scriptures inductively—taking into account the context of the text, making observations, drawing reasonable inferences, and applying these

April 26, 2012

Running the Race: InterVarsity Alum Wins Boston

Jennifer Anderson

Alumni are bringing the varsity out of InterVarsity.

For decades, InterVarsity has suffered through an identity crisis, being categorized as a ministry to athletes. “No, we’re not a sports group.”

Astonishingly, our ministry has become linked with what it’s not. Just last week, Wesley Korir, InterVarsity alum from the

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