Oct 20
Lifelong InterVarsity Advocates
InterVarsity alumni Ray and Doris Rollins use every opportunity to support campus ministry.
Oct 10
"Every Year I Try to Start a New Thing"
Benita Ki joined InterVarsity staff to plant a new chapter at Pacific Lutheran University.

From the Blog

A New Resource for Life After College

The first years after college can be some of the hardest to navigate. 

From InterVarsity Press

The Mestizo Augustine
Few thinkers have been as influential as Augustine of Hippo, yet we easily forget he was a man of two cultures: African and Greco-Roman. Cuban American historian and theologian Justo González presents Augustine as a "mestizo" (mixed) theologian, using the perspective of his own Latino heritage to find in the bishop of Hippo a remarkable resource for the church today.
The spiritual journey takes unexpected turns for the women of Sensible Shoes in this third book of the series. Having been challenged to persevere in hope, can they now embrace the joy of complete surrender? Join these four women in a poignant story that reveals the joy that comes from laying our lives at the feet of God and standing barefoot on holy ground.


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