Jan 21
InterVarsity’s First Chapter President
InterVarsity’s first chapter on a U.S. college campus was at the University of Michigan in 1941.
Jan 12
My Top Ten Books of 2014
Promoting an amazing novel written 120 years ago is one of Alec Hill's goals for 2015.
Jan 9
Simple Steps in Campus Ministry
When Sara arrived at the University of Tennessee, there was a job waiting for her.

From the Blog

The Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

Years ago I heard a preacher say these words: “Patience is a virtue, and a virtue can’t hurt you.” 

From InterVarsity Press

Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe
Why bother with a church? An unthinkable question just a generation ago, this is now the first theological hurdle not just for millennials but for people of faith from all sectors. Erin Lane mines her own complicated relationship with the church to give fresh insight into the complexities and possibilities of a shared faith.
Psalms 73-150
For many, the Psalms are the richest part of the Old Testament. Derek Kidner provides a fresh and penetrating guide to Psalms 73—150. He analyzes each psalm in depth, comments on interpretative questions and brings out the universal relevance of the texts. Formerly part of the Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries series, this introduction and commentary will inspire and deepen personal worship.


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