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Oct 21
The Price of Life in Michigan
InterVarsity and more than 70 other organizations are combating human trafficking this week.
Oct 14
Creating Connections on Campus
Javier Tarango-Sho has helped re-shape campus ministry at UC-Berkeley.
Oct 10
Principled Pluralism
InterVarsity President Alec Hill suggests a phrase to improve dialogue about deep issues.

From the Blog

How the Heart Grows

What happens when two mass murderers are invited by a documentary filmmaker to reenact their most brutal crimes?

From InterVarsity Press

The Radical Disciple
In the last book by the leading evangelical churchman of the 20th century, John Stott opens up what it means at root to be a follower of Jesus. He explores eight aspects of Christian discipleship which are too often neglected and yet deserve to be taken seriously: nonconformity, Christlikeness, maturity, creation care, simplicity, balance, dependence and death.The message is simple, classic and personal: Jesus is Lord. He calls. We follow.
The Future of Evangelical Theology
The shift of Christianity from the Euro-American West to the Global South invites a thorough rethinking of evangelical theology. In this bold theological proposal, Amos Yong draws on the Asian American religious experience to develop a pentecostal global evangelical theology.


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