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May 27, 2011

Listening to that Singular Voice

Teresa Buschur

French Horn“Our job was to conform our sound to that singular voice.” In Hearing God’s Voice(Student Leadership Journal, fall 2005) Steve Stuckey uses the illustration of an orchestra tuning its instruments to find perfect pitch to show how we, God’s creation, try to discern his voice. Jesus Christ was the only person in history to have perfect pitch in hearing God’s voice. Part of InterVarsity’s mission statement is to develop world changers who will change their churches, communities, and world after graduation- people who want to let God’s song rise in

May 25, 2011

Finding God on Campus

Gordon Govier

GraduatesThis is commencement season. Many college seniors have graduated in the past few weeks, and “commenced” the next stage in their lives. High school seniors are preparing for ceremonies in the next few weeks and looking ahead to summer vacation. For many of them the next stage is college in the fall.

For Christian high school students and their parents, this next stage is filled with faith-related questions that center on concerns that carefully nurtured faith might somehow fail to

May 24, 2011

My Heart for God’s University

Barney Lin

Barney LinMany of you have seen it plastered all over the news. My alma mater, Northwestern, and the university I now serve at, the University of Chicago, have made headlines this year: UChicago students launched an anonymous sex hook-up website for students and Northwestern had an after-class live sex-toy demonstration.

When I think about how the top minds of the next generation are being formed at these institutions, it reminds me how important

May 20, 2011

Why Everyone Panics at Graduation

Steve Tamayo

grads at lastWhen the graduating class tosses their mortarboards into the air this month, some of us will feel the temptation to collect all the stray hats and sell them on eBay.  We aren’t cheap or greedy.  We’re unemployed.

But this isn’t why everyone panics as graduation approaches.

May 18, 2011

Changing Realities in Missions

Tom Lin

Tom LinIn a recent blog post Tom Lin, InterVarsity’s new Vice President for Missions and Urbana Director, addresses some of the challenges that lie ahead for young people considering world missions. Tom addresses three issues:

  • Current financial model of American missions is unsustainable.
  • Learning how to empower and walk alongside
May 12, 2011

Secularism as a Discipline

Gordon Govier

empty classroomSecularism, the unofficial reigning world view on campus, is now a course of study at Pitzer College, in southern California. The New York Times recently announced that Pitzer is adding a major in Secularism. Pitzer is a part of the Claremont colleges, and InterVarsity does have a chapter at Claremont.

It seems likely that this innovation may open the door to a more vigorous debate about spirituality on campus, which seems like

April 26, 2011

Jesus is Like a Pancake

Julia Powers

Pancake BreakfastJesus is like a pancake.

Or at least that’s what InterVarsity members at the College of William & Mary say at our biannual Pancake House.

Now, I’ve been to pancake breakfasts before (mostly sponsored by my mom’s Kiwanis club back home). But they’ve proven nothing like this. At InterVarsity’s Pancake House, there’s no cost, no catch, nothing required.

April 19, 2011

The Gazelle and the Lion

Bob Fryling

In The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman recounts an African parable of the gazelle and the lion. The gazelle wakes up each morning with the realization that it has to keep running in order to keep from being eaten. The lion wakes up each morning with the realization that it has to keep running in order to keep from starving.

It’s an appropriate parable for our time. It doesn’t make any difference who we are, we feel we have to keep running in order

April 14, 2011

Growing Closer to God

Alec Hill

Solitary PrayerBy what means do we grow close to God and become more like Jesus? What set of personal and corporate spiritual disciplines further our spiritual formation?

In his classic book, The Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster describes three categories of disciplines:

Inward – meditation, prayer, fasting and study

Outward – simplicity, solitude, submission and service

April 12, 2011

Discipleship of the Mind

Jonathan Rice

BookshelvesThe other day I came across this quote by Alec Hill, the President of InterVarsity, in which he’s talking about discipleship of the mind.  He says, “We [meaning InterVarsity] prize the mind and the marketplace of ideas, and disciple students and faculty to be good stewards of their intellectual gifts, for service in both the Church and the world.”  So I began wondering how to be a good steward of my mind.  Of my intellectual gifts.

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