April 2 - Praise God for the 100 students who came to InterVarsity small groups at the start of the second semester at the University of Michigan–Flint. Pray that students would continue to come consistently, and that they would encounter Jesus as they study the Bible together.
April 3 - Ask God to move powerfully in the lives of Greek students at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, and pray that the Holy Spirit would open up new ministry opportunities with fraternity men, in particular.
April 4 - During the first semester, 270 students on New England campuses decided to follow Christ! Pray for strong discipleship, humility, and a willingness to be transformed by the gospel.
April 5 - At San Joaquin Delta College and the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, pray that God would strengthen and sustain the 14 new student-led Bible studies being launched this semester.
April 6 - Ask the Holy Spirit to produce a deeper gospel response and fruitful obedience among InterVarsity students at Alabama State University.
April 7 - Believers in Business, the annual Christian MBA conference, is taking place in New York City at Redeemer Presbyterian Church today and tomorrow. Pray for God’s transformation of all who participate, and ask him to use these upcoming leaders to bring his light and love to businesses around the world.
April 8 - Ask the Lord to give courage and boldness to InterVarsity student leaders at West Virginia Wesleyan College so that they will multiply their small groups, reach their friends with the gospel, and experience freedom from fear.