APRIL 23-29

April 23 - Pray for InterVarsity students at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire—that they would commit to starting new relationships, welcoming students into their chapter, and helping others discover what it means to follow Jesus.
April 24 - Ask the Lord to renew a commitment to, and passion for, personal prayer across our entire Fellowship.
April 25 - Pray for a sense of God’s acute presence and spiritual strength for Danny Chen, campus staff minister at the University of Central Florida, as he is in a challenging season of ministry.
April 26 - Pray that the Holy Spirit would prompt many innovative planting strategies for campus staff minister Jaime Castaner Weiss, who is looking to plant chapters at campuses on Long Island, and that Jaime would have the spiritual sensitivity to hear the Lord’s promptings.
April 27 - Pray for strength and wisdom for Mark Washington, InterVarsity’s national director of MBA Ministry, as he recruits new MBA Ministry specialists, gathers resources, and forms partnerships that advance MBA fellowships across the country.
April 28 - God is answering prayers for the InterVarsity chapter at Haverford College in Pennsylvania by shifting their culture toward taking risks for the sake of the gospel. Ask the Lord to continue to instill courage and power in the hearts of the students there.
April 29 - Pray that the Lord would renew a passion for prayer and communion with God among InterVarsity students at the University of Connecticut and Manchester Community College. Ask God to help staff and student leaders model this lifestyle of dependence on God through prayer.