APRIL 9-15

April 9 - Pray that Kevin Reifman, campus staff minister at California State University, Fresno, would press into hope, enthusiasm, and joy in times of struggle as he ministers to students on campus.
April 10 - Join campus staff ministers Trevor Agatsuma and Ashley Byrd as they pray for God to grow the InterVarsity chapters at New York University and Columbia University by 25 students.
April 11 - Praise God for the increased spiritual hunger among InterVarsity students at Rider University in New Jersey. Pray that this new appetite for intimacy with Jesus continues to grow and leads to evangelistic boldness and commitment to deep discipleship.
April 12 - As the student leaders of the Graduate and Faculty Ministries chapter at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania look toward graduation, ask the Lord to raise up new leaders who have a passion for InterVarsity’s ministry and who can shepherd the group for the future.
April 13 - Staff at California State University, Fullerton, and Fullerton College are praying for spiritual renewal on their campuses. Ask God to fill both students and staff at these schools with passion for his truth.
April 14 - As we reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus today, pray that many more students and faculty would come to know and receive Jesus and the forgiveness he offers.
April 15 - Ask the Lord to help the InterVarsity community at the University of Arizona become better stewards of God’s ministry of reconciliation. Pray that he would embolden students to do this work even amidst many challenges.