February 12 - Please pray for our Black Campus Ministries team as they develop evangelism and discipleship resources to help staff engage Black students for the glory of God.
February 13 - At the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, pray that the newly launched small groups will be communities where students can learn to study God’s Word, ask questions, and be inspired to do evangelism more on campus.
February 14 - Ask the Lord to guide and encourage InterVarsity small group leaders at North Carolina’s Wake Forest University as they invite their fellow students into Jesus-centered community.
February 15 - Ask God to provide new staff ministers for the New England region so that more students can hear about Jesus.
February 16 - Ask the Lord to connect Betsy Hoisington, team leader in the Great Lakes East region, with new ministry and prayer partners so that she is able to minister full time on campus and develop more students into world changers for God’s kingdom.
February 17 - InterVarsity’s Greek Conference: Raleigh begins tonight. Ask God to equip keynote speaker John MacKorell, an InterVarsity staff minister. Pray that many sorority and fraternity students would believe in Jesus and that all students would grow in faith.
February 18 - Thank the Lord for new freshmen in the chapter at the University of Wisconsin—Whitewater who are being discipled  in evangelism. Pray for God to harness their potential for his purposes on campus!